Purchase Process

Harvey Street LLC is currently providing customers with a Design Service Agreement that includes a right to choose a future lot at Harvey Street. Incorporating a right to choose a future lot in the Design Agreement provides early purchasers the right to choose a lot on a first come, first served basis when the Harvey Street development plan is approved by the City of Steamboat Springs. It also allows early purchasers to begin to experience our "how do you live" approach. A $2,500 deposit is fully refundable if the project does not ultimately receive approval from the City of Steamboat Springs.

Disclosure Statement: StreetScape Development, LLC has the land under contract and is the early stages of seeking approval from the City of Steamboat for its development plan. It should be noted that the City previously approved a mixed-use project that included three 4-story buildings with retail on the first floor and a total of 24 condominiums, a much higher density. StreetScape has retained local engineering experts who are well versed with the site and have further advised that Harvey Street is complimentary to the overall goals of the city as it parallels their community area plan.