The Development Team

Colorado Partners and StreetScape Development's founders have a long-standing professional relationship and joined forces to create Harvey Street. Colorado Partners is a local, Steamboat based real estate firm that is embedded in the community and knows the local market. StreetScape Development is a Chicago based company that has earned national recognition for its innovative housing approach. StreetScape's founder first visited Steamboat in 1979, fell in love with it, and has been coming back every since.

StreetScape's sole focus is building the next generation of American homes in select infill settings. Its first next-generation project, SchoolStreet in downtown Libertyville, Illinois, has been nationally recognized as a model for new urbanism, energy efficiency, and creating great neighborhoods. Since then, StreetScape has been approach by numerous communities around the country to apply its unique approach.

A fully integrated development company, StreetScape believes that a home is the ultimate consumer product and that every aspect of it must be designed with the owner in mind. StreetScape's in-house capabilities include marketing/promotion, design, supply chain management, engineering, and construction. Sophisticated Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology facilitates highly efficient design and optimizes construction execution. In the end, this approach provides a great product at an exception value to customers.

See what America's leading housing experts are saying about StreetScape Development:

Renowned architect and author of the Not So Big House book series
Visionary leader spearheaded the EPA's Energy Star program, now leading sustainable housing initiative at the U.S. Department of Energy
Fortune Magazine's assistant managing editor and author of a provocative book on the future of American housing